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The Simpsons is a popular US animated television series on the Fox Network (December 17, 1989 - present) created by Matt Groening . It portrays the life of the Simpson family in the town of Springfield.

When the song is performed live, the band is traditionally replaced by robots that resemble themselves. [4] The method in which this is carried out varies and depends on the performance. For example, one report of a performance in 1997 describes "four legless robot bodies [being] lowered from a lighting rig and programmed to make mechanical movements to the music", [5] another from the following year describes the spectacle as "robot torsos and heads [being] suspended in the air, slowly twisting and waving as the music plays on", [6] and yet another describes witnessing on-screen " plastic -head representations of the band, stuck on dull gray torsos with mechanical arms and metal-rod legs". The lyrics, "We are the robots" flash up on this screen followed by the line, "we are programmed/just to do/anything you want us to." The screen then lifts to reveal the band following their transformation into robots. But they are said not to move "in the popping spurts that robots are famous for; they swiveled and moved their arms slowly, thoughtfully, humanly, as if practicing t'ai chi ." [7] It has also been said that these "robots" give a far more lifelike performance than the band themselves. [8] There was, however, "an air of farce" at one show in Ireland in 2008 when a curtain refused to close, disrupting the transformation of the band into robots. Stagehands had to intervene and close the curtain themselves, after which it was possible for the sequence to continue. [9] The curtain issue repeated itself at the band's appearance at Manchester Velodrome , on July 2, 2009.

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Kraftwerk - Live On Radio BremenKraftwerk - Live On Radio BremenKraftwerk - Live On Radio BremenKraftwerk - Live On Radio Bremen