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Early Years: Vernon Walters was born in New York City on 3 January 1917. His father was a British immi­grant and insurance salesman. From age 6, young Vernon lived in Britain and France with his family. At 16, he returned to the United States and worked for his father as an insurance claims adjuster and investigator.

A SPAM-Mail from a so called "Ms Susa A. Walters" (who sais that she is the widow of Vernon A. Walters) asks for money to cure her cancer! A Mr. Randy Walker (who is said to be a director of the bank) asks to send money for him to the Bank of Texas! In the mail is indicated a link to the article of Walters in this Wikipedia. Evidently this is a fraud! Do not respond to such mails! DidiWeidmann ( talk ) 09:54, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

The Vernon Walters - UntitledThe Vernon Walters - UntitledThe Vernon Walters - UntitledThe Vernon Walters - Untitled