G.i.s.m. - good as it is

“I have been a guest at Clark Fork River Outfitters for the last seven years. Each visit lasted for one week and involved fly fishing for 5 straight days each trip. The dry fly fishing on the Clark Fork is the best I have ever experienced. Throwing a dry fly to rising trout is a frequent occurrence and hook ups are a thrill. Twenty fish days were often the results.

As someone born in 1987 and who got into underground music around 2001, I have no axe to grind either way, and regard anyone who still carries the old animosity as either an ignoramus or a snob. But for those readers who have always heard about punk and would like to know where to get started, I hope you’ll find this list helpful. For educational purposes, I’ll stick with the early stuff (PS- be sure to check out both the book and film documentary versions of American Hardcore for a good primer). But keep in mind, the spirit is still very much alive, as this video essay from CVLT Nation should prove to anyone feeling pessimistic about punk's future.

G.I.S.M. - Good As It IsG.I.S.M. - Good As It IsG.I.S.M. - Good As It Is