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Liz Lemon was born on October 14, 1970. [6] Raised in the town of White Haven, Pennsylvania , [7] Liz is the daughter and second child to Dick Lemon and Margaret Lemon (née Freeman) . Liz's parents are outwardly very optimistic and supportive of her, but privately they actually dislike many of their daughter's attributes and life decisions, as revealed during the climax of " Ludachristmas ". [8] On Saturday, December 6, 1985, she made her one appearance as a varsity football player, having forced her high school to lift gender segregation. Though her parents displayed a supportive demeanor, they were too embarrassed to attend her game despite claiming to have been present. [9] Liz's elder brother, Mitch, was the victim of a skiing accident the following day, [9] when he was a high school senior. Afterwards, he experienced anterograde amnesia , remaining "stuck" in the day before the accident, thinking for the next 22 years that he was still 17 and that the year was still 1985. In the episode " The Moms ," her mother is said to have worked as a secretary at Sterling Cooper and to have "repeatedly lost [her] virginity" to Buzz Aldrin while the town pervert watched from the bushes. [10]

2. High Blood Pressure
Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink three to four times per day to lower your blood pressure. For best results, you can squeeze the lemon into a warm cup of water and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking the lemon water can reduce the effect of nausea and dizziness.

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