The dogs - teen slime

Garfield Logan is unlike any human. He has the ability to transform into any animal he wants. This is because, as a young child, he contracted a rare disease called Sakutia,  which is often fatal, from a monkey bite. In an attempt to save Beast Boy's life, his parents, who are scientists, used an untested serum drug on him. While the drug cured him of the virus, it came at a cost. His skin, hair and eyes are now permanently green, and he has the ability to transform into any animal that he wants, as long as he has seen a picture of the animal or seen it in person. This allows him to transform to anything, from everyday dogs, extinct dinosaurs or even alien lifeforms. For a while, during his heroic pursuits, he had adopted the name "Weed " ,  busmokert is now refe

The Dogs - Teen Slime