Wavering - soaking systems vol. 2

There was sweat beneath Lucas’s crisp white shirt; but the room was cold. Snow continued to fall and settle on the pavement five storeys below the spacious office where Mr. Riley and he stood. Lucas breathed deeply: in, out. In, out. He must regain the use of his legs. With tremendous effort he got the right foot to move; then with a willpower he never knew he possessed, the left foot followed it.

Tripp had been fed up with his wife for some time. He could count on one hand the times they had sex this year. His wife was 4 years younger than him; at 28, and a beautiful redhead. Her body was athletic; Her skin was light and slightly freckled. She still turned him on, but she had grown frigid.

It was a Saturday, and that meant class was out- and after the semester they'd been having, there wasn't a single student in Class 1-A that wasn't relieved to another weekend to simply breathe. Lately, there'd been a thick tension in the room, one that seemingly smothered the interactions between classmates, and even choked the energy that was normally present. A few of the less observant students just chalked it up to the type of first year the class had experienced.

Wavering - Soaking Systems Vol. 2Wavering - Soaking Systems Vol. 2Wavering - Soaking Systems Vol. 2Wavering - Soaking Systems Vol. 2