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The brand new album from the reknowned singer/songwriter Michael Saxell. WONKY WINDMILL includes ?Two Men?, a duet with country legend Dickey Lee and a co-write with Keith Reid of Procol Harum fame. It?s a collection of mostly acoustic songs - one voice, one guitar and one hell of a songwriter. Michael Saxell is one of the few professional songwriters in Sweden. He?s writing on a regular basis with Randy Bachman (BTO, Guess Who), Keith Reid (Procol Harum), Eric Bazilian (Hooters), Randy Goodrum, Maurizio Fabrizio and many.
?Some artists toil their entire lives and never discover the secret recipe ? ?less is more?. On 'Wonky Windmill' Michael Saxell demonstrates that he has the maturity and confidence to keep it simple, with maximum effect. This is a beautiful and honest recording, with warm, intimate vocals, crisp acoustic guitars and well-crafted lyrics. I?m a fan!? Jim Vallance (Songwriter: Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Heart...)
Tracks: Weightless In Your Web / Sloppy Bruce / It's Always Something / But I Love It Here / If You Don't Believe / Two Men featuring Dickey Lee / Dirt Cab / Opium / Prince Of Darkness / At A Time Like This (for Daniel) / I Still Pine For The Alps / The Art Of Doing Nothing / Arezzo Morning / Heaven Is / Thirty I Love You.

He is co-writer of the Swedish #1 hit song "Johnny G" (The Guidetti Song), performed by artist Badpojken, aka the artists' collective Michael Saxell, Fredrik Andersson and Ingvar Irhagen. The song was released mid July 2015 and achieved Swedish quadruple-platinum status within 12 months of its release and has, as of January 2017, reached over 31 million plays on Swedish Spotify. [8] Vocalist on "Johnny G" is Frida Green.

Håll mitt hjärta hårt – Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson (Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson, Uno Svenningsson)

Michael Saxell - Red And BlueMichael Saxell - Red And BlueMichael Saxell - Red And BlueMichael Saxell - Red And Blue